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No Pressure Sales.

At Preferred Truck and Equipment we believe in listening to our customer's needs and creating vehicles that will fit those needs. With more than 50 years in the industry, we understand how the typical sales approach makes people uncomfortable and leaves them with doubts. PT&E will help you come up with a system that is going to benefit your company and we'll do it in the most professional way. 


Along with new equipment we stock the parts you need to keep your trucks on the streets.

Excellent Maintenance.

We have been servicing refuse collection equipment for more than 35 years and have one of the most experienced maintenance teams in the industry


​Mechanics at PT&E take great pride in their work and any problems you have we can fix it. We warranty all of Heil's products and can get your equipment back to the road quicker than anyone in the area. 


High Experience with Low Costs.

The management at Preferred Truck and Equipment has been involved in the waste collection industry from the beginning and has seen it evolve into what it is today. 

If you have a need we will figure out a way to solve it. From environmental to technology changes we have been through it all. We may not have the nicest building but we pack it with experience keeping our overhead low and passing that savings on to you

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